Global Academy is a leading cryptocurrency trading & investing online learning platform that provides an absolute beginner's guide to cryptocurrency which is changing the world and your finances in 2021 and beyond. Founded by James Tapia, who is also our Crypto & Investing Instructor. We currently have over 22,500 students from 20+ countries and growing. Our mission is to help individuals understand the basis of cryptocurrency and give you an insight on when, where, what and how to invest in cryptocurrencies to make passive or active income. So you know this is a win-win situation.


James Tapia

Founder and Instructor

James has a deep and vast array of knowledge and workable experience when it comes to cryptocurrency and its related. James spent a long time studying how others learn and teach, to refine how Global Academy can work with people in an efficient, useful, and, most importantly, memorable manner. His mission is to help individuals develop a good foundation in Crypto & investing so that they may reach their goals and pursue their dreams.